Your ideal private practice website

Your ideal private practice website

One thing I have learned from building websites for therapists is this – therapists really don’t like building or maintaining a website.  We understand because we have owned private therapy practices ourselves and even though we have backgrounds in web development, we know how difficult it is to try to run a successful private practice and maintain an attractive, secure and relevant web presence.

More than a website
We love building websites for therapists but we hesitate merely calling them websites.  That’s because what we like to develop is more akin to an engine that powers multiple aspects of your private practice. Our Best Practicing Sites are where private practitioners go to view scheduled appointments, monitor online payments and track client inquiries that come in through our online system.

The problem with websites
We know why therapists don’t like websites:

  • Websites get hacked – When your security or plug-ins get outdated they become targets for all sorts of nefarious attacks.
  • Websites become outdated – What might have looked nice in 2003 doesn’t have the same cachet of a website with a new theme.  Your web presence reflects on your practice and when it’s ugly and outdated it makes your practice look bad.
  • Websites are expensive to update – How many clients have come to us because they felt like they were held hostage by their web developer.  Simple changes should not be difficult or expensive.  Every web presence needs a clean, intuitive back-end interface that is simple to use.

That’s why we started Best Practicing Sites
We wanted to create the exact type of web presence that we had been seeking for our own practice.  We wanted something clean and modern that attracted clients while we work and sleep.  We know how hard it is to build a thriving private practice and we have worked hard to create something that does just that.  We build it, we maintain is and we support you as long as you wish to stay with us.  And if you should decide to go, we will give you your site files because that is what any good web developer should do.

Stop struggling and start visualizing
One of the books we love is Building Your Ideal Private Practice by Lynn Grodzki.  In it she encourages private practitioners to create a compelling business vision that moves you forward.  We want you to begin doing just that and instead of looking at your web presence as a source of pain or shame, we want to work with you so that your Best Practicing Site can be the engine that drives your ideal private practice.

Let’s set up a time to talk about incorporating your online presence into your compelling business vision.