How therapists lose clients (before even meeting them)

How therapists lose clients (before even meeting them)

You’re not just running a private practice, you’re in the business of changing people’s lives. All the while you are trying to grow your client list and doing it all without a staff.

So when potential clients visit your website you are counting on that visit turning into an appointment. Hopefully your website has your phone number, a contact form or your email address. If your potential client calls and gets you directly you might be able to set an appointment right away. But if they miss you and get your voicemail some will leave a message but many will go on to call the next number listed. This same thing can happen with email. This is how a private practice can lose clients before ever even meeting them.

What if there were a better way to get those potential clients scheduled when they first visit your website? What if they could schedule a session or phone call before even talking to you?

In our own private practice we decided that missing potential clients was no longer an option, so we started giving all of our website visitors the option of setting up a phone or in-person consultation right on our website.

We saw the benefits right away and so have many others. Websites that offer online bookings:

• Have seen 80% of bookings come through website booking portal
• Help eliminate no-shows and cancellations
• Send automated notifications and reminders for client retention
• Have 24/7 account visibility to potential and existing clients alike

And our booking portal syncs with our online practice calendar to virtually eliminate double-bookings.

For all of these reasons we recommend that all private practice owners set an online booking portal up on their website. We know that you are busy going about improving the lives of your existing clients and we want to see you making the most of all the traffic your website gets. You work too hard to lose clients before even meeting them.

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