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You work hard!

We know that first hand

After struggling for far too long to find the perfect website, we finally gave up and partnered with the best programming minds we could find to build the perfect engine for a thriving private practice.  We had looked at so many different tools -- many of them had elements of what we wanted, but we knew that we needed something more comprehensive.  We set out to build this just for ourselves but after seeing what it could do we realized that this was something we should share with other private practice owners.

We care!

Because we've been there

After years of working in private practice and other organizations we certainly had our fair share of developers creating websites for us only to abandon us when we needed their technical support -- or they tried to charge an exorbitant rate to make even minor website changes. We were fed up with this model so we decided we were going to do things differently. What if we created a product that addressed all of the online needs of a private practice and created something we believed in so much that we would stand by it with unlimited technical support for one flat rate? That is exactly what we have done with Best Practicing Sites.

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Therapist Owned

Best Practicing Sites is therapist-owned and focused on giving you the most powerful platform for featuring and managing your practice online.

Daniel Hope

Daniel Hope

Daniel Hope is co-founder of Best Practicing Sites and has roots in both psychology and web development. Daniel launched his first dotcom in 2001.  Employee Insider was an employer rating site which was later acquired. Later Daniel received his clinical psychology training with a focus marriage. As a new therapist he saw the limited offerings available for his profession and began creating his own custom solutions.  Eventually, Daniel teamed up with his technical partner and created a product he could have only dreamed of: Best Practicing Sites.

Daniel lives in North Austin with his wife, 3 children, 1 dog and a handful of backyard chickens.