3 Different Practitioners

3 Different Plans

Which Plan is Right for You?

Start-Up Stella

Stella is an early stage practitioner

Stella is learning what it means to be a business owner and looking for a website with the support she needs to grow into this new role.

Stella needs:
  • A new website
  • Business training
  • Community support
  • A new website or website update
  • Content creation they don't have time for
  • Understanding of how to approach their practice like an entrepreneur
Stella chooses:

🌱 Standard Package

Growing-Edge Greta

Greta is a seasoned practitioner

Greta has a healthy practice - and she would like to grow. She sees herself as an entrepreneur and isn't afraid to invest in growing her business.

Greta needs:
  • A marketing plan
  • Quality content
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • An omni-channel approach to marketing
  • Lead-generating funnels to up their marketing game
  • A supportive mastermind community for focus and guidance
Greta chooses:

📈 Growth Package

Scale-Up Stephen

Stephen runs a large practice

Stephen is happy with what he has built, and knows that it's time to introduce a new business model.

Stephen is ready to begin creating information products and other scalable teaching and coaching tools.

Stephen needs:
  • Next level coaching
  • A new business model
  • An online learning platform
  • Lucrative courses and learning products to supplement income
  • Innovative ways to scale his practice
Stephen chooses:

🚀 Scale Package


Our Guarantee

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We know it can be risky signing up for business growth packages online.  Lets face it, you may not know us very well (yet) but we are willing to put everything on the line with our 100% money back guarantee.

We are so confident you will love our packages and be 100% satisfied with our content, support, masterminds and help desk that we are willing to offer you a FULL refund in the unlikely event you do not love us.

You have 90 days from the date of purchase to get back to us in writing and tell us you're unhappy. We'll then issue you with a prompt and courteous refund, no questions asked. We couldn't be any fairer than that now could we?

That's our promise to you.


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Since 2016 we have helped private practitioners and other entrepreneurs grow their businesses by changing the way they show up in the world. We do this by first changing the way our clients see themselves as business owners - and it all flows from there.

We help our clients by giving them the 4 Elements of a Thriving Private Practice: Technology, Content, Training and Community. We love helping our clients! Let the Best Practicing Team help you grow your practice.


Frequently Asked Questions

We help our clients grow their practice by giving them the 4 Elements of a Thriving Private Practice: Technology, Content, Training and Community.

It's a holistic approach that is guaranteed to give you results or your money back.

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